Graphical design

As you may have seen in my resume, I have some basic skills in CSS. For my website, I used Vestibule's model from the TEMPLATED website.


Ces personnes sont les principales personnes avec qui j'ai pu faire équipe et/ou que j'ai fait mes études avec eux. Même si je n'ai pas pu citer tout le monde, je tiens à les remercier

Re-use and quotation

The projects I made for my B.Sc at UWS (The Journey of a Vehicule : The Movie : The game, Vendetta and Battleship) are owned by University of the West of Scotland and protected by the Scottish law..
The Game Culture Glitch and its content are owned by the French region Occitanie (known before as Languedoc Roussillon Midi Pyrénées), but we (the group who created the game) are still the authors of this game.
All other personal projects are protected by French and International laws.

However, professional projects are owned by the company who requested the project, and protected by other laws.

I hereby accept that my personal projects are hosted by other websites, only if I am quoted and there is a link to this website. Exceptions are a written agreement or if I uploaded it to this website.

If you have any doubts, you can contact me at this e-mail: contact[at]benoitbm[dot]fr.