Meet the person

Who am I? What I'm doing? Where I'm coming from? Let's find out!

(shapeshifters allowed, but no impersonating, thank you)

As said before, I'm Benoit, currently a Technical UI Designer working at Larian Studios in Québec City, Canada since 2018. I started first as a Gameplay Programmer, then swapped as an UI Programmer, to finally switch to my current position.

Originally from the South of France, I had the chance to do a Bachelor Degree in Scotland and develop my English skills (and playing D&D weekly at the local comic store, which revealed to be useful for a certain Baldur's Gate III), where finally I studied two years at Montpellier (France), spending my free time hanging with other video game creators and joining every Game jam I could.

As for today, outside Larian, I keep playing D&D and video games, going crazy with my session notes (don't start me on this subject, you will be in for hours), and co-organizing La Game Jam de Québec, along translating some webcomics on the side and doing some games on the occasion.

My timeline

As in all the good stories and tales, many events happen at some key periods.

The current day

Currently now

That's where we stand in time now!

Game Jam de Québec - 2023 Edition

September 2023

After a first successful event, we're doing a second edition of the Game Jam de Québec, still focusing on experimentation and cooperation.

Baldur's Gate III - 1.0 release

August 2023

After six years of development and three years of Early Access, the version 1.0 Baldur's Gate III is released.

Game Jam de Québec

October 2022

Co-founder of the event, to restore the physical game jam events in Québec City, focusing on the experimentation and cooperation.

Baldur's Gate III - Early Access release

October 2020

Baldur's Gate III is finally accessible to the public, entering its Early Access period.

Larian Studios Québec

January 2019

After a year in Ghent, I have been transferred to the Québec City studio.

Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive edition

August 2018

A year after its original release, Divinity: Original Sin II is released on Xbox One and PS4, with multiple upgrades and an improved controller support.

Larian Studios Ghent

February 2018

I joined Larian Studios for a 6-month internship for my master's degree, to validate my diploma. After my internship, Larian hired me before transfering me to the Quebec studio.


2016 - 2018

Montpellier - France

After my studies abroad, I joined the University of Montpellier to do my Master in Computer Science, focusing more on the video game part of the diploma.

B.Sc Video Game Development

2015 - 2016

Paisley - Scotland

During this year, I lived a full year in Scotland, developing my English and developing my skillset for game development, along discovering Scotland and its culture.