Game Description

The Journey of a Vehicule : The Movie : The game is an assignment for my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Games Development at the University of the West of Scotland. The game is supposed to be created with Phaser, a HTML5 framework to create games. The game was originally an isometric exploration game, but I preferred to keep a novel/story-telling game with some riddles.

The summary of the game is the story of a young fan (me) who wants to create a "fan-game" of his favourite movie, which is inspired from a video game (like Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game). So he decides of an assignment to pay a tribute to this movie (which I created a false trailer) with a Unity game, instead of Phaser. And we are discovering as the story goes on why he had to make the game with Unity3D.

With hindsight, it was my first web game, with the unknown and with inexperience, some elements are missing to create a complete web game. However, it is still a small journey through a strange and absurd world.

Screenshots of the game

The beginning of the Unity part.One of riddles you will encounter.Featuring dialogues with two choices that will not impact the game !

How to play ?

It is a basic gameplay game, you will need mainly to use the mouse, and sometimes the keyboard. It was designed to be a computer web game. It was tested with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, depending of your internet speed, some elements may show later, in that cas, you have to click in the black canvas, and the game will fix it.

Play the game

Additional informations

If you do not know what to do, do not panic. Hints will be given inside the game, like clicking on buttons which can show hints... below the game.