Software description

This software was created during the event 50 ans, 50 heures de programmation (50 years, 50 hours of computing) for the 50th birthday of IUT (University Institute of Technology) of France. This event organised by Aix-Marseille academy, at Arles's IUT, where we had to create a software or a game with the theme "What does the robots dream of ?". This software was created in C++ with the OpenCV library by the team CPP m'a tuer, composed by three students.

This "dreaming machine" (or software) will read a text file (that you will choose), and it will do actions based on the word it is reading, it will show the word, draw something and may play some music. It will also use the webcam, and will react to the light of the room.

Screenshots of the software

An example of a screen that may happen in this dream.A house is drawn because the machine saw the word 'maison' (house in French).This may happen if you let your computer in the dark...

Minimum requirements

OS Windows 7 or later
Processor Pentium 4
RAM 512 Mo
Graphic card Integrated graphic card
HDD Space 100 Mo of free space

How to use the software

Once you unzip the archive, launch OpenDreaming.exe (it is a stand-alone application, you do not need to install it), then choose a file in Files folder (you can add your own text files). Then just enjoy the result, every dream is unique, even if you chose the same text.

Download the software