The journey of a vehicle : The Movie : The Game

Paisley, Intramuros, 24h31, 30th February 21XX

At this night, you were so bored that you after three years of boredom, you know every flash game on the internet.
Suddenly, you discover a new game, an old game... which seems to speak to you, a game made for you.
You start to play, and then...
Well, surprise, this guy from the future is playing this game on this website, actually, there's no story.

In fact, there's a goal for some people in this game. Actually, you control a vehicule you chose, and then you explore the map and drive as fast as they can.
Some people just visit the map, and they enjoy it. Other ones try to get to the end in the fastest time.
But there's the spirit of the game, you do what you want in this game =)

Arrow keys to move the vehicule in the world
Spacebar To brake, because you may want to go fast, but sometimes you will need to brake ! (Remember, this is just a game, please drive carefully)