Game Description

BlablaLand is a cooperative educative game with an asymmetric gameplay where students must co-operate to achieve a conference. The student playing the game has to interpret the symbol and explain it to his teammates. But the teammates do not see the symbol and the screen, they have to understand the clues to lead towards the right answer. The gameplay is like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Questions and symbols can be easily modded by the teacher to conduct the research and themes of the answers (more oriented to mathematics, English, geographics, history...)

The game was made in 30h at theEduGameJam 2017.

Screenshots of the game

A person from the public wants to ask a question.A sample of question what the student may encounter.The manual with the clues to answer the question.

Minimum requirements

OS (Windows) Windows 7 or later
Processor 1.5+ Ghz
RAM 1 Go
Graphics Integrated graphics card
HDD Space 50 Mo of free space

Download links

Download game (Windows)

Be sure to have the Ressources folder with the executables, as the symbols and data.txt inside it to be sure that the game would not have any runtime error.

Modding the questions and answers

As mentionned, the game has been made and created to be modded by the teacher for his class. You have to edit the data.txt file as the exemple to add or remove questions :

Name of the symbol;Answer 1;Answer 2;Answer 3
Hint for answer 1;Hint for answer 2;Hint for answer 3
Wrong answers/propositions for the answer 1
Wrong answers/propositions for the answer 2
Wrong answers/propositions for the answer 3

To explain precisely, the first line concerns the playing student, the second line is for the manual (3rd screenshot), and following lines are for the playing student. If we take the example from the screenshots :


The game will load the picture called "Icone01.png", which represents a 2 with two dots. The three following answers are correct answers that the playing student may get (to have some replay value, even if you get the same symbol). The second line represents the correct anwers, because 14 - 3 + 2 gives 13, 0 * 0 + 1 gives 1 and 5 + 9 - 7 gives 7. The next lines are wrong answers for the following propositions. If you look the screenshot at the middle, we have the 3rd line's propositions, because it is the 3rd answer the correct one.

We let the choice to give wrong answers/propositions and hints to increase difficulty(by playing with the homophone) and adapt it to his class.

For the pictures of symbols, it is recommended to have images at the size 388 x 145 pixels, or a multiple of this value.

Additional informations

The symbols, hints and answers can be modded, the classification and level required depends on the files given by the teacher.