Game Description

Vendetta is a top-down shooter inspired from games like Hotline Miami in a mafia setting in the 60s. This game was the main project for my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Game Development at UWS, that we realised from September to May. I was the lead programmer of the project. Vendetta was created with Unity3D engine, and the scripts are in C#.

Vendetta tells the story of Trajan Tarquin, a young man who wants to avenge his mother's death, assassinated by the Mafia. He will get his vendetta by getting rid of the mafia in Toronto's streets through many levels.

Screenshots of the game

The main menu of the game.The first enemy you will encounter in your personnal vendetta.Will you survive at this assault ?

How to play ?

To launch the game, launch the executable file in the folder which fits your computer (if you have a 32 bits computer, choose the x86 folder, if you have a 64 bits computer, it is better to choose the x86_64 folder, if you are not sure, choose the x86 folder). The game is a stand-alone executable, so you do not need to install it.

Minimum requirements

OS Windows XP or later
Processor Pentium 4
RAM 1 Go
Graphic card Integrated graphics card
HDD Space 120 Mo free space

Download the game

Additional informations

This game as you see is the project as it was given for the assignment. The game is playable with a basic AI (which can be improved if I had more time), with only the two testing levels. However, tools were created to help to create levels, as a Tilemap Editor for the Unity Editor, but with some lack of time, only these levels are playable.

The game source is on my GitHub.